UVC Upper-Air Disinfection: The Ultimate Guide

Ultraviolet technology is one of the most effective methods used in indoor air disinfection. For the last century, technology has been the best option for fumigating office buildings, healthcare institutions, schools, prisons, and other public buildings.

A common application of UV technology is the UVC Upper-Air Disinfection System, which regulates air quality and controls the spread of airborne infections. The method uses air currents to push contaminated air upward, where it is subjected to intense UV Radiation.

Read on to understand how upper air disinfection works and why you need it for indoor air disinfection.

Understanding UVC Upper-Air Disinfection Systems

The UVC Upper-Air system is an indoor fixture designed to clean air inside occupied spaces. You can disinfect air within the office, lavatory, and crowded areas such as waiting bays.

It is particularly effective in interrupting the spread of pathogens where infected persons may share the same air space with the uninfected.

How the System Works

The system disinfects upper-level indoor air; the air above the space of an occupied room. It incorporates a system of fans and louvers working together to promote air circulation. The internal fans continuously circulate air within the room, while the louvers direct UV energy to the infected zones.

Usually, infected air currents will spread from the lower zone to the upper zone of indoor air. In turn, the UVC upper air system will draw in air and use mechanical currents to propel the infected particles to the upper space.

UV radiation from the system will then pass through the louvers to destroy pathogens in the upper air.

Repeated exposure to radiation will disrupt microbial activity, deactivating the pathogens in the upper air.

Types of Upper Air Disinfection Systems

Upper disinfection fixtures are of two types: Louvered and Open Style. You can select an appropriate fixture depending on your room size, the number of occupants, and personal preferences.

The Louvered style directs UV energy outward and upward to eliminate pathogens in the upper air and occupied portions of the room. It is ideal for a room with a ceiling height of 8-12 feet.

The open style has an enhanced security feature at the bottom, protecting users against stray UV radiation from the fixture. It is suitable if your room has a ceiling height exceeding 12 feet.

Is Upper-Air Disinfection Worth Anything?

The UVC Upper-Air Disinfection System has been the choice fixture for indoor air regulation since 1960.

Here are reasons you should install the system:

Eliminates Various Pathogens

Upper-air disinfectants can eliminate various pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and molds. The system, therefore, overcomes the limitation of traditional sanitizers that only kill specific types of pathogens.

Guaranteed Safety During Operation

The system has enhanced security features that guarantee safe operation even in an occupied room. It comes with a three-tier sensory system incorporating the following;

Tilt Sensors: to prevent harmful UV rays’ from emission into the lower air section.

Presence Sensors: for detecting the presence of occupants within the UV emission field. It halts the emission of UV rays until the field is clear.

Motion Sensors: for detecting any slight movement in the room. The sensor also has a switch through which you can select your operating preferences.

Shorter Elimination Time

The system takes a relatively shorter time to eliminate pathogens in the upper air. According to third-party testing results, the UVC upper-air disinfection system can kill up to 99% of germs within 20 seconds.

Easy To Install and Maintain

The system can fit in various indoor spaces, including ceilings, corners, kitchen hoods, door frames, and curtain boards. You can install a temporary or permanent system depending on your unique needs.

Installation of the system is equally cheaper, with installation costs ranging from $6.00 to $6.50 per square foot of indoor space.

Moreover, the system requires little maintenance, further reducing operating costs.

Minimum Noise Pollution

The louvered design has inbuilt fans that enhance effective air circulation. Incredibly, they guarantee minimal noise pollution since they operate at low decibel sounds.

Round-the-Clock Operation

UVC Upper-air disinfection systems operate 24 hours, 7 days a week. You’re, therefore, assured of all-around protection without disruption. That’s a great advantage over traditional disinfecting options that must be physically applied over the surface.


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