Essential Supplies To Have When Bringing Your New Cat Home

When you bring your new cat home for the first time, you’ll want to make it as comfortable as possible. Explain to your children that your new family member is a living creature, and make sure your cat has the essential cat supplies needed for good health. These include cat food, cat beds, flea and tick prevention products, and litter and cat boxes. You’ll also want to make your new home as cozy as possible for your new friend.

Flea comb

You should have a flea comb handy to keep your new pet’s fur free of fleas. Fleas can cause a host of illnesses for humans and pets, and it’s important to use a flea comb as soon as possible to prevent an infestation. Cats are particularly sensitive to the feel of a flea comb, and some may even start acting aggressively if it is too uncomfortable. Luckily, flea combs are safe for young kittens and are an excellent alternative to chemical products.

Fleas are parasites that can be picked up from outside and from other pets. A flea comb has small teeth that trap flea eggs and adults. In addition to trapping fleas, a flea comb will also pick up flea dirt.


Purchasing a cat carrier is an essential part of bringing a new cat home. A carrier will allow you to transport your cat from the shelter to your home or veterinarian. A good carrier will also come with food and water dishes, which will keep your cat comfortable during the journey. Another essential accessory for a new cat owner is a cat collar. A cat collar is made of solid nylon and will help to keep your cat safe and secure while traveling.

There are several things you should have available when you bring your new cat home. A cat litter box is a must-have, and food should be available at all times. The best crate for your new friend will be large enough to hold it and prevent damage to your furniture. It should also be equipped with a scratching post and scratching posts. These items will ensure a healthy and happy new addition to your home.


If you are bringing a new cat home, you will want to provide it with a comfy bed. You can either buy a bed that is specially made for cats, or you can adapt a cardboard box by lining it with soft bedding or towels. Some cats also like to sleep on high shelves and raised areas. If you have a high shelf, make sure to remove any items that could potentially be dangerous for your new pet.

It’s also important to buy a cat bed that is washable or has a heating feature. This will prevent odors from transferring and prevent the spread of bacteria. The easiest type to wash is the one with a removable cover. The heating features may be pluggable, microwaveable, or powered by your cat’s body heat.

Scratching surface

Cats need a variety of scratching surfaces, from cardboard scratchers to natural fiber scratch rugs. Even if your cat doesn’t scratch on purpose, a scratching surface will help him or her learn what is not acceptable. A cat that doesn’t have a scratching area will be more likely to fight with its owner.

If you want to discourage your new cat from scratching furniture or walls, you can try placing scratching posts near places where your cat sleeps or plays. You can also try using natural scents like lemon peel and thyme to discourage your cat. Cats also don’t like the smell of citrus, so place cotton balls soaked in cologne or muscle rub on the naughty spots and take them off when your cat starts using the scratching post regularly.

Litter box

One of the first things that you should get for your new cat is a litter box. There are many different types of litter boxes available, so you can choose the right one for your cat. It should have an entryway so the cat can easily reach it. You should also buy a litter box mat. This will keep your floors clean and prevent accidents.

Once you bring your new cat home, you should prepare their room with the litter box. There are several different types of litter, so it’s best to ask the breeder about the brand they recommend using for their particular cat. Buying the right kind of litter for your cat can help make your home a more enjoyable place to live. In addition, you should also get dishes for their food and water. The bowls should be dishwasher-safe. Also, make sure to separate the food and water dishes to prevent spills.

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